Ryan A.

What can I say about Dale? First, a little background…my wife and I were first time home buyers in SF…and although we had heard about how tough and competitive it is in SF to purchase, I 100% believe that my wife and I wouldn’t have been able to find anything if not for the expertise and thorough knowledge Dale possessed of the area. Dale came to us as a recommendation from a friend, and we are very happy to have went with him.


Upon first meeting Dale, I could definitely sense his passion for S.F. He knows all the districts, types of houses, and even the feel of a particular street. His knowledge also includes what is potentially happening with each area…which helped to inform my wife and I about the potential of each property. As a nice bonus, Dale also educated me on what to look for at each location…whether or not the house was structurally sound, potential electrical issues, what the regulations were for “upgrades” associated with the houses, drainage problems, etc…


If that wasn’t enough, Dale’s offer strategy actually got my wife and I the first house we put in an offer for….which I’m sure is no easy feat (with houses in SF receiving 20+ offers at a time).


Dale and his team were always on the ball, patient, and quick to communicate. They definitely made what could have been a stressful and complicated process much much easier and even pleasant. If you’re looking for a real estate agent in S.F., don’t hesitate to call. Dale and his team are amazing to work with.

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