Naomi W.

Dale was recommended to me by my long-time real estate agent who had moved out of state. I had a great experience with him as my new agent (and Alla helped, too.) In 2013 I needed to sell a single family house in Ingleside Terrace that I had owned for many years, which had always been tenant occupied. So although the market for sellers in SF was “hot,” as per mostly usual, there were issues: the physical condition of the property; the need to be respectful of my tenants and their kids until they could relocate, and the need to close the sale by year’s end to meet my tax requirements.


Dale (and his crew) pulled it off brilliantly, finding buyers (over asking price) willing to be flexible regarding the tenant situation, closing on time and with no last minute surprises or complications that can keep even the calmest seller awake at night. It was really a win-win-win, for me, my tenants, and the buyers, thanks to Dale’s knowledge and ability to work with all kinds of people and situations.

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