Joel P.

Dale has been a great realtor for us, I would recommend him to anyone and I’d use him and his team again in an instant. He knows both San Francisco and his industry in and out, seems to truly love his job, and is a nice, honest guy who is great to work with. We’ve worked with him on our last 2 purchases, a condo in SOMA in 2008 where he helped us get a great deal and a house in West Portal just this year (2014). Throughout both purchases, Dale was there every step of the way and answered all of our questions, no matter how many or how ridiculous.


For the recent house purchase, his guidance was particularly invaluable. Since the market is so crazy, we had to bid on a lot of places (even though we offered competitive bids, we’d consistently get beaten by all cash offers), and he refused to let us lose our heads (by steering us away from houses we would not be happy with in the long term) or hearts (by helping with the next prospect and being positive).


Our perseverance paid off when he found us this charming place in west portal which was listed off market. We never would have found it online since it wasn’t publicly listed and as a result we didn’t have to bid against all the crazy all cash people.


Thanks Dale! Oh, and even though the sale is over, he continues to answer our crazy questions about remodeling.

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