Heather B.

We worked with Dale on the purchase of our first SFH in the Richmond and had an excellent experience from the beginning to the end – and home buying in San Francisco comes with a lot of challenges. We chose to work with Dale after meeting him at an open house in Glen Park. We bombarded him with tons of questions there that he replied to with patience, good humor, intelligence and fierce expertise. After that meeting, we decided that we liked him as a person as much as we felt he was someone who could represent our interests with great skill. Some of the things that my husband and I think are great about Dale: he is always available for you and your concerns, he’s a very strong negotiator, especially when things get difficult or tricky (thanks to his background as a lawyer!). He has a backbone and doesn’t let the other side take advantage of you. He’s a diplomat and does what it takes to make the deal come together. He communicates regularly with positivity and enthusiasm. He protects your interests and offers excellent advice about the process and the people involved – ultimately to get you to the deal you want. We always felt Dale was on our side and always moving to get us to our goal. What a great guy! – We met Alla too who is also very smart and warm. She offered us fantastic advice on remodeling choices.

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