Azhar H.

When we met Dale, we didn’t just meet an expert with deep knowledge of the real estate world in the Bay Area, we actually made a friend who we hope to have in our lives for a long time.


We’re experienced real estate buyers and had bought a few properties on the east coast over the years. So we came in well-informed and we were excited that Dale could augment that knowledge and help us navigate the complexities of buying properties in the Bay Area. We bought two in the last 6 months of which one was a private sale. Though the first property was not business for Dale, he spent many hours with us helping us evaluate the property and its merits as an investment. He also spent hours with us walking through that property and what valuable changes could be made to it to add value to it. He also ended up advising us to keep it as an investment property which we ended up doing. This was all advice that a friend would give!


Later, Dale helped us purchase our new home and that process was painless. Dale not only helps the process but gives expert advice around how many offers he thinks the property will get and where he thinks the sale price and terms will net out helping us shape a competitive offer. Dale is very patient, not pushy, and has a great way of offering advice that’s not overbearing and always adds value. After we bought our house, he put us in touch with all kinds of service professionals who could help us with adjustments we want to make to the house. We’ve loved working with Dale. It was very pleasant and we looked forward to all of our meetings with him. We’re excited about many more years of working together.

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