Online Real Estate Resources

SF Market Scoop

October 30, 2009

Online Real Estate Resources

Below are links to wide variety of online resources pertinent to San Francisco real estate. Hope you find them useful.

  • SF Market Trends in Charts (updated bi-monthly)
  • SF Median Prices & Average Dollar per Square Foot (Nov 2009)
  • What Costs How Much Where: Recent SF Home Sales (Oct 2009)
  • SF REO & Short Sale Analysis (Sept 2009)
  • The SF Home Market Under $750,000 (Sept 2009)
  • The SF Luxury Home Market (Aug 2009)
  • Appreciation & Depreciation of SF Real Estate since 1995
  • SF Market Statistics by Zip Code (updated weekly)
  • Who is San Francisco? SF Demographics
  • Characteristics of a Good Real Estate Agent
  • When is the Time to Buy?
  • Mortgage, Refinance & Rent vs. Own Calculators
  • Additional Online Resources for Living in San Francisco