Mission District

March 17, 2016

Mission District

The Mission is a colorful neighborhood in San Francisco that is surrounded by Valencia Street on the west, Hwy 101 on the east and north, and Ceaser Chavaz Street on the south. This neighborhood is full of colorful Victorians and converted warehouses. A stroll through its heart will take you down 24th Street where Latin music and the smell of Mexican food floats through the windows of colorful eateries and shops. Valencia Street and 16th Street, the area’s others retail corridors, have taquerias, noodle shops, and creperies that line the streets. You can find charming pockets of Victorian cottages and flats on 22nd and 23rd street, along alleys like Lexington between 18th and 22nd, or on Shotwell between 20th and 23rd.

Loft lovers have a choice between crisp new construction and converted warehouse lofts. New construction is exemplified at 2875-21st and 725. The converted warehouse lofts are at 720 York in the Mill Building or at 728 Alabama in the Alabama Lofts.

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