Is it time to sell your SF property?

SF Market Scoop

April 16, 2016

Is it time to sell your SF property?

“The cost of housing in San Francisco is absurd!”

We’ve all heard that. From our family, friends, co-workers, and even from strangers you happen to overhear chatting at the local Philz Coffee. The SF real estate market is a hot topic of discussion.

I believe someone once said, “In adversity lies the seeds of great opportunity”.

If you happen to be a home-owner and are considering selling your property, read on (side note: you’re in luck).

With the recent rising tension between San Francisco and the tech community (you remember the Google and tech company shuttle protests), it appears some are cheering for the downfall of the tech industry. Could the tech bubble burst at some point? Possibly! Nothing in life is permanent.

In the mean time, there continues to be a strong demand for homes in San Francisco as homebuyers remain interested in purchasing home’s here. Even though mortgage interest rates have been slightly increasing, competition remains evidenced by the competitive bidding of the current buyers who are competing for available homes. All things point to the current seller’s market continuing in San Francisco.

Take opportunities as they are presented. This is a good time to sell.


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