What You Get for How Much Where

Here are 3 mapped analyses of recent SF home sales by median sales price and average dollar per square foot. Even quarterly statistics can fluctuate within neighborhoods without great significance, because in every quarter a different basket of relatively unique …

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November 2011 Market Update

“Years of falling prices and falling mortgage rates have made home buying more affordable than it has been in decades. Moreover, home prices look downright cheap, not only from the perspective of mortgage rates and income, but also relative to the cost of renting or the cost of constructing a new home. Meanwhile, continued population […]

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San Francisco: An Exceptional Real Estate Market

We are often asked why our analyses seem so out of whack from media reports, so much more positive than the general drumbeat of doom. There are several reasons: the media usually deals with more general data (national, state, Bay Area) while we focus on the city of San Francisco itself or even its specific […]

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The San Francisco Real Estate Market in Summer

August 2011 Update As the world wrestles with debt crises, the San Francisco economy and home market continue to improve, at least for the time being. (Knock on wood.) According to the Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy, of the 28,800 jobs the state added in June, 12,800 were in just 5 Bay […]

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A double dip for San Francisco real estate?

Note: You may skip the analysis below and jump straight to the market dynamics charts following. For the past 2 years, new predictions for additional, significant (10-30%) price declines – the so-called double-dip in home values – have been made on an almost weekly basis. The reasons: turmoil in financial markets, foreclosures, shadow inventory, debt […]

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