San Francisco Real Estate – Complicated Market Conditions August 2020

As illustrated below, the San Francisco market currently reflects a variety of both positive and negative indicators. Among Bay Area markets, the city is seeing the softest recovery from the initial shelter-in-place plunge in activity in early spring, while some other counties – less expensive, more suburban or rural – are experiencing extremely high demand….

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San Francisco Real Estate Spring 2020 Report

Supply & demand statistics, median sales price trends, sales and values by city district, the luxury home market, and the ongoing effects of COVID-19 June 2020 Generally speaking, market activity – as measured by the number of listings going into contract – continued to pick up rapidly in May, bouncing back from the steep plunge…

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Newest Info on COVID-19’s Impact on SF Real Estate

Dear Friends, We hope this email finds you and your family well during this difficult time. As the coronavirus lockdowns persist, we continue to field questions from clients, friends and colleagues about its effect on the real estate industry. We have included a report below that analyzes the effect of the crisis on supply and…

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COVID-19 and the Real Estate Market

COVID-19 and the Real Estate Market The coronavirus pandemic has affected how we live our daily lives, including the way we buy and sell real estate. With shelter in place orders affecting more than 4 billion people around the world, there may not be another time in human history when people have depended on their…

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What The CARES Act Means For You

Dear Friends, As we’re all dealing with the effects of COVID-19 on our lives, we want to share encouraging news: the government has approved the $2.2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act which will help millions of people in this critical time. Perhaps even you. This sweeping legislation is unprecedented in the…

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30+ Years of Bay Area Real Estate Cycles

Below is a look at the past 30+ years of San Francisco Bay Area real estate boom and bust cycles. Financial-market cycles have been around for hundreds of years, from the Dutch tulip mania of the 1600’s through today’s speculative frenzy in digital-currencies. While future cycles will vary in their details, the causes, effects and…

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